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R3SS Tecnologia

High-tech & Easy-to-use Solutions

R3SS Cloud WiFi

Management of Wi-Fi networks with integration in various management systems.

Robust management of WiFi networks integrated to various management systems, guaranteeing the reliability, security and quality of access according to the local Internet policies.

R3SS Cloud Analytics

Online Reputation Management and Satisfaction Survey.

Manage and enhance your reputation with our powerful solution and increase your online presence by beating the competition.

R3SS Cloud Beacon

Proximity Marketing without installing applications.

Distribute marketing campaigns, promotions, etc. to a specific device in a specific location, which can benefit your business and increase your sales.

R3SS People Counter

People Flow Count and Conversion Rate.

High-precision people counting flow, enabling market analysis such as conversion rates, queue management, applications development and security.

R3SS Cloud Display

Central control of multiple monitors from anywhere at any time.

Centrally manage the cloud and easily monitor your Digital Signage, Corporate TV, Digital Menu Board, Event Signaling,... campaigns across your entire network of monitors.